Counter rotating extruder

Counter Rotating Extruder: The Future of Manufacturing

Will you be buying real way to improve your manufacturing process? Take a look at the counter rotating extruder, similar to the GSmach's product like cast film line. This innovative machine a selection of benefits and uses that produce it a must-have for any production line.


One of the most significant benefits of this machine could be the proven fact that it provides better compounding and mixing of materials than a single screw extruder, as well as the خط إنتاج الورق البلاستيكي الحجري supplied by GSmach. The counter rotating extruder is a machine that uses two screws that rotate in opposite directions to combine, melt, and materials being extrude. This results in more consistent quality of output product.

An additional benefit of is the truth that it could handle a wider variety of materials compared as much as a single screw extruder. Which means that maybe it is used by a variety of materials, including thermoplastics, elastomers, and composites amongst others.

Why choose GSmach Counter rotating extruder?

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