Co rotating twin screw

Co Rotating Twin Screw - A New Innovation Bringing Efficiency and Safety


Will you be sick and tired of utilizing traditional machines blending or extruding polymer? What about trying a co rotating twin screw? This machine was recently introduced into industry and boasts of a complete lot of advantages over traditional machines, along with GSmach's product 플라스틱 알갱이로 만드는 기계. Read on to understand more about that machine how it might probably help to improve your efficiency and efficiency.


The machine has two screws rotating into the same direction, and additionally they mix the materials effortlessly since they move, also the 시트 압출 기계 produced by GSmach. one of the main features of using a co rotating twin screw is it is power to mix materials much better than traditional machines. Additionally, the equipment will not cause any injury to the materials, thanks to the reduced shear forces produced through the blending task. This means that the materials come out with an uniform consistency, making them user friendly in various applications.

Why choose GSmach Co rotating twin screw?

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