Stone paper line

Advantages of Stone Paper Line


Stone Paper Line is the new and innovative product available in the market. Produced from mineral powders like limestone and the small level of non-toxic resin, it is a tree-free product which is 100% recyclable and has its own advantages. One associated with big advantages of GSmach stone paper line is that it is waterproof and tear-resistant, that makes it perfect for use in areas such as the kitchen or even for outside strategies. It is also an even more eco-friendly choice compared to traditional Paper, that is produced from woods and may be harmful to the environmental surroundings.

Innovation in Stone Paper Line

With Stone Paper Line, there is the new means to create Paper which is most sustainable and green. The use of mineral powders and non-toxic resin to create Paper is the new and innovative concept which includes gained appeal in the past few years. Also, Stone Paper Line has revolutionized Papermaking because GSmach آلة التكوير is a far more sustainable alternative to traditional Paper.

Why choose GSmach Stone paper line?

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