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GSmach is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of plastic extruder machine plastic sheet extruder machine kneader compounding machine plastic lamination machine casting film machine stone paper production line... Set research and development, design, production, sales, installation and service in one of the enterprises, products sold all over the world. According to the actual situation of the customer space layout, production process and other requirements to design and customize. We have complete production equipment, professional technical personnel.

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Leading Experience Guidance

Since our establishment in 2013,we have been specialising in polymer extrusion equipment and process technology. For twin-screw extruders alone,we have successfully delivered more than 2,500 units. You can always rely on our experience and support.

Save 40% On Your Investment

Our machinery qualifies for international quality and safety standards and is offered at a much more affordable price. Typically,we can help you save 40% of the cost,compared to other European suppliers. We will ensure you with both satisfied products......

Technical Support and Service

Our experts and engineers are here to assist and guide you through the challenges you face and optimise production performance. Through our operation of new intelligent control systems,we offer effortless,remote,simultaneous......


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