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Twin Screw Extruder

GSmach is a professional twin screw extruder machine manufacturer.

We supply turn-key solutions to your compounding projects.

This includes material handling, dosing, extrusion, pelletizing and other aspects.

Through our expertise you will find suitable solutions to your compounding system needs.

› More than 3000 compounder installed

› 5kg/h to 10t/h throughput rates

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Why Choose GS-Mach

Many Leading Companies Trust Our Products:

GSmach is leading the market for extruded polystyrene equipment in China and we have worked with and supplied equipment to numerous well-known international companies such as BASF, Owens Corning, ISOFOAM, Ravago and many others. We have also gained the trust and recognition of various UN organisations.

Save 40% On Your Investment:

Our machinery qualifies for international quality and safety standards and is offered at a much more affordable price. Typically, we can help you save 40% of the cost, compared to other European suppliers. We will ensure you with both satisfied products and service from our expert team and multilingual service team.

Leading Experience Guidance:

Since our establishment in 2013, we have been specialising in polymer extrusion equipment and process technology. For twin-screw extruders alone, we have successfully delivered more than 2,500 units. You can always rely on our experience and support.

Technical Support and Service:

Our experts and engineers are here to assist and guide you through the challenges you face and optimise production performance. Through our operation of new intelligent control systems, we offer effortless, remote, simultaneous and accurate technical support.

What Twin Screw Extruder Machine You Need

GS mach which is a manufacturing vendor, specializing in the twin screw extruder pelletizing line and spare parts, with high quality machine and competitive price.

Here are some of our hot sale production lines for your kind reference

1. PLA PBAT+ corn starch biodegradable pellets making line

2. PET bottle flakes recycling and pelletizing line

3. EVA hot melt adhesive pelletizing line

4. PP/PE/EVA etc.+CaCO3/Talc/TiO2 filler pelletizing line;

5. PE/PP/ABS/AS/PA/EVA/PET etc. color/white/black masterbatch pelletizing line

6. HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/MDPE/EVA/PVC/PP etc. cable compounding line

7. TPU/TPE/TPR/TPV thermoplastic elastomer pelletizing line

8. Glass/carbon fiber reinforced PA/PP/PBT/ABS/AS/PC/POM/PPS/PET etc.

9. Various twin Screw elements, screw barrels, side feeders, heaters, etc.

GSmach has 4 series twin screw extruder machines. You can use them for lab purposes or large production. From lab scale extruder to big twin screw extruder (diameter up to 320mm), you can always find what you need.

Below are the detailed specifications of these extruders.

A Twin Screw Extruder

A Type Screw diameter (mm) Power(kw) Quantity (kg/h)
GS20 21.7 3 2~10
GS25 26 7.5 5~35
GS35 35.6 11 10~40
GS50 50.5 45 120~200
GS52 51.4 75 225~375
GS65 62.4 75 200~355
GS75 71 110 300~550
GS95 93 250 750~1250
GS135 133 550 1650~2750

B Twin Screw Extruder

B Type Screw diameter (mm) Power(kw) Quantity (kg/h)
GS20 21.7 4 5~15
GS25 26 11 5~55
GS35 35.6 15 10~40
GS50 50.5 55 120~200
GS52 51.4 90 270~450
GS65 62.4 90 255~400
GS75 71 132 450~750
GS95 93 315 950~1600
GS135 133 750 2250~3750

C Twin Screw Extruder

C Type Screw diameter (mm) Power(kw) Quantity (kg/h)
GS35 35.6 22 40~95
GS50 50.5 75 200~355
GS65 62.4 110 300~550
GS75 71 160 500~850
GS95 93 450 1350~2250
GS135 133 900 3000~5000

D Twin Screw Extruder

D Type Screw diameter (mm) Power(kw) Quantity (kg/h)
GS25 26 15 7.5~82.5
GS35 35.6 30 70~120
GS50 50.5 90 255~400
GS52 51.4 110 350~650
GS65 62.4 160 500~850
GS75 71 250 750~1250
GS95 93 550 1650~2750
GS135 133 1200 4500~7500

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