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Stone Paper Production Line

Replace trees with calcium carbonate, reduce tree cutting, made into

paper, books, packaging bags, handbags and so on. Widely used in

packaging materials, construction, decoration and other aspects.

Low cost, large volume,we have also become the number one exporter

of stone paper manufacturing in China.

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General situation

Stone paper is the main raw material of calcium carbonate mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution.Do not use plant fiber, do not cut down trees, can save a lot of wood, protect the natural ecology.

Products with degradation performance, reduce “white pollution”, due to the large use of calcium carbonate, each use of a ton of environmental protection packaging materials, can save 2.3 tons of petroleum resources for the country, environmental protection stone paper series products, mainly used to replace part of the traditional culture paper, packaging paper and special paper and other products.

Product Competitiveness Analysis:

The main raw materials of stone paper are calcite and polyethylene, without adding plasticizers and other toxic and harmful substances.

Compared with traditional wood pulp paper, the production process of stone paper does not require water, no cutting down of trees, no waste water, waste gas and solid waste emissions, the production process is environmentally friendly.

Stone paper is degradable and is a non-polluting green item.

It has excellent properties such as waterproof, moisture-proof, tear-resistant, folding-resistant, insect-proof, and can come into direct contact with food.

Stone paper can be used to replace cultural paper, industrial paper, packaging paper and various other aspects. It is an environmentally friendly material recognised by international common standards.

Product recycling analysis:

With the addition of a large amount of inorganic mineral powder, the stone paper material will be brittle and return to the earth after ten to twelve months of exposure to the sun and rain, without causing secondary pollution. If the recycled stone paper material is incinerated in an incinerator, the small amount of non-toxic and non-hazardous resin is burnt without producing black smoke or toxic fumes, and the remaining inorganic mineral powder can be returned to the earth or reused.

No water is required in the manufacture of the stone paper material, which can be recycled after use and the burial or incineration process does not cause secondary pollution.

Stone Paper Production Line manufacture

Machine advantages

①The annual output can reach about 7000 tons.

②The quality is very good. We have more than 10 production lines in the Middle East. We are the best exporter of stone paper in China.

③Provide turn-key service:One-on-one, VIP customer service.

④Provide online technical support and door-to-door installation after-sales service.

⑤The delivery time is short, the machine occupies a small area and the energy consumption is low.

⑥The products are very versatile

⑦Field trips and factory Tours are available.

General situation

The objective of the main products of environmental protection is a waterproof paper, non-flammability, a new type of green biodegradable material, the main raw material for calcium carbonate powder and polymer materials, granulating, casting, coating process to produce white green paper, after process of printing, folding, binding, and then pasting, bronzing can be made into books, magazines, handbags, environmental decorative paper, boxes, table cloth, something like this.

In line with the current low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, sustainable development of the general trend.

Equipment nameProductCapacitySetsAnnual output
Granulation lineMaster batch700~800kg/h17000 t
Casting paper Machine80-300μm thick paper700~800kg/h17000 t
Slitting machinepaper roll50-100 m/min1/
cutting machinePaper30-50pcs/min1/
LAB test machineMating1Mating

Process flow

A.Pelletizing process:

raw material calcium carbonate powder, polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE), polypropylene (PP) and additives are mixed in a certain proportion, and then processed through high pressure mixing, extrusion, hot cutting, cooling and air separation to produce EPM raw material particles with uniform appearance.

B.Casting process:

heat EPM raw material particles to melt state, extrude them from the “T” mold head into sheets, and through piecewide unidirectional stretching, cooling, solidification, shaping, filling, thin EPM semi-finished film material can be prepared.Measurement and surface treatment.

The thickness of the material produced by this process is between 70μm and 350μm.

Induction process:

after corona, leveling, positive and negative double-sided filling and calendering, semi-finished EP M films or sheets can be rolled up to obtain EP M finished materials of different specifications.

C.Blowing machine:

Product NameArea of application
Stone paper blowing machineThe product meets the requirements of simple printing process, mainly used as waterproof notebooks, books and other cultural paper, mostly replacing the use of wood pulp paper in the double glue paper.
Stone paper casting machine (Thin paper)The coated thin paper stone paper is suitable for lithographic, gravure, letterpress, screen and rotary printing. The uncoated side of the single-sided coated paper is laminated to woven or non-woven fabric to make bags, and the coated surface can be beautifully printed to increase the value of the bags; the double-sided coated paper can be printed on both sides and used for calendars, calendars, traffic maps, notebooks, manuals, letter books, trademarks, posters, hangtags, various handbags, wrapping paper, wallpapers, large advertisements, etc.
Stone paper casting machine (Thick paper)Birthday cards, Christmas cards, business cards, name tags, hanging cards, pictures, book covers, decorative boxes, various packaging boxes, shoe boxes, tea boxes, cigarette boxes, placemats, curtains, hanging signs, etc. Disposable meal boxes, frozen food packaging boxes and other blister sheets.


Process Description

Pelletizing process:

mixing calcium carbonate powder, polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE), polypropylene (PP) and auxiliaries in a certain ratio and going through high pressure refining, extrusion, hot cutting, cooling, air selection and other processes to produce uniform appearance of stone paper pellets.

Casting process:

stone paper granules are heated to a molten state, extruded from the "T" shaped die in the form of thin sheets, after a series of one-way stretching, cooling, shaping, thickness measurement, surface treatment and winding, to produce stone paper semi-finished film materials, the thickness of the material produced by this process is 80μm-300μm.

coating process:

the semi-finished stone paper film or sheet material, after corona, leveling, front and back side coating, calendering treatment for winding, you can get different specifications of stone paper finished materials.

Coating liquid manufacturing process:

a variety of inorganic ultrafine powder, water-soluble latex, synthetic latex and additives and other materials, fully stirred and mixed to form a special coating liquid for stone paper, used in the production of coating process.

Slitting and trimming process:

the stone paper material produced by the above process is slit into the required flat sheets of general specifications.

Printing process:

the stone paper material produced from the above processes is printed using rotary offset printing machines, gravure printing machines, etc.

Shredding and recycling process:

the waste or unqualified products from each process are shredded and then backfilled to the granulation process in a certain proportion to achieve a solid waste-free production process.

Production technology

Grinding process:

After washing and crushing, calcite blocks are further broken and ground into ultra-fine bicarbonate powder of 600 mesh or less, with an average particle size of 5μm-8μm, which is then graded and screened and sent out of the silo.


Granulation process:

After the surface activation of the ground calcium carbonate powder, it is mixed with polyethylene, and under the joint action of high temperature and high pressure conditions and organic additives, the dense refining and granulation process is completed to produce highly filled, highly dispersed environmental protection paper masterbatches.


The cast paper process:

The material is then coated on both sides to form a fine surface layer suitable for ink printing, which makes it possible to show the printing pattern more perfectly.

The product can be used as a cover paper for books and magazines, handbag paper, etc. It is waterproof without lamination.


Paper making process:

The paper production is carried out by triple co-extrusion through the cast method. The material is moulded in one go by dense refining, compression and extrusion, and the die is a triple co-extrusion structure with a calcium carbonate highly filled base material layer in the middle and a pure polyethylene layer on the inner and outer surface.

This product can be widely used in the production of blistering process and can be processed into disposable meal boxes, meal trays, etc. It can also be made into waterproof packaging boxes and other products through corrugated forming.



Coating process:

With the high-speed double-sided coating machine, the process of paper levelling, corona, coating, drying and calendering can be achieved in one step.

Our original formula of water-based coating solution makes the stone paper suitable for offset, gravure, flexo and UV printing.


Finished product:

In addition to the usual specifications, we can also cut to customer specifications.


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