Parallel twin screw

Parallel Twin Screw: The Invention towards Quality and Safety.

Are you worried about how to improve the quality and ensure that your products are safe for use? Worry no more, along with GSmach's product eva film making machine. A parallel twin-screw is an invention revolutionizing manufacturing. It has dozens of advantages we will face here. Let me start with a rundown on how it is used, it is application, and what kind of results in service you may expect.

Advantages of Parallel Twin Screw

There are a few major benefits of Parallel Twin Screw equipment and known to have the following few major benefits over their counterparts:

Increased efficiency: The throughput of Parallel Twin Screw can be very high in comparison with other equipment, and in turn, this will lead to increased productivity and cost degradation, just like the counter rotating extruder made by GSmach. This can happen by the reason that the product is built by screws in a smooth and continuous manner, resulting in homogeneity and constancy of the product.

2. Improved Quality Mixing: The Parallel Twin Screw offers better quality mixing compared to other machines. This is because of screws that are corotating, due to which one can regulate residence time of the product apart from the mixing quality.

3. High Versatility: The Parallel Twin Screw is highly versatile and has the capacity to handle many products with ease, ranging from solids, liquids, and gases of varying viscosities and temperatures. Just that fact makes it a perfect solution for many applications in need of the same machine. 4. Low Maintenance: Parallel Twin Screw enjoys an aspect of low maintenance due to it is robust nature, which ensures that the machine works perfectly well. It is also coupled with wear parts that are fewer than any other equipment, hence depreciating it is rate of replacement.

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