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GSmach provides rubber moulding granule machine, plastic film production line, sheet extruding machine, stone paper machine, 3D printing filament extruder machine and so on GSmach is exported to various countries with its strong advantages, and is highly praised at home and abroad.

XLPE Cable Compound Granules Making Machine XLPE Compounding Twin Screw Extrusion Line

The XLPE cable compound granules making machine, also known as the XLPE compounding twin screw extrusion line, is specifically designed for producing granules used in the manufacturing of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) cables. This machine utilizes a twin-screw extruder system to mix and melt various raw materials, including XLPE resin and additives, to create a homogeneous compound. The compound is then extruded through a die and cut into granules of specific size and shape. These XLPE granules are essential for producing high-quality cables with excellent electrical and mechanical properties, suitable for various applications in the electrical and telecommunications industries.

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HFFR cable granules extrusion machine/ Halogen Free Flame-Retardant granule making machine

The HFFR (Halogen Free Flame-Retardant) cable granules extrusion machine is designed for producing granules used in the manufacturing of cables that require flame-retardant properties without containing halogens. This machine melts the raw materials, typically polymers along with flame-retardant additives, and extrudes them through a die to form granules of specific size and shape. The resulting granules can then be used in the production of cables with improved fire safety characteristics.

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